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Graduate Student and Post Doctoral Opportunities

We are always interested in hearing from individuals interested in graduate or post-doc study in bio-energy with CBERD.

The first step is to contact the site director at one of the participating universities in CBERD and discuss any opportunities that may be available.

Site directors and/or other contacts:

University of Hawaii – Manoa; Dr. Scott Turn, [email protected]
North Carolina State University; Dr. Steve Peretti, [email protected]

South Dakota School of Mines and Technology; Dr. Robb Winter, [email protected]

State University of New York at Stony Brook; Dr. Devinder Mahajan, [email protected]

General Inquiries; Dr. Duane Abata, [email protected]

After discussing opportunities with one of the site directors above, the next step is to apply to the graduate school at that selected university.  Note it is important that you indicate your intent to study with a member of the faculty in CBERD on your application.

You must be admitted to a graduate school first before any funding arrangements can be discussed.


Graduate School Information/Application Pages

University of Hawaii –
North Carolina State University –

South Dakota School of Mines and Technology – 

State University of New York at Stony Brook –



Specific Opportunities Now Open

University of Hawaii – Monoa – forest engineering related post doc position with Dr. Scott Turn, site director at the University of Hawaii.  Please visit: for further information.

No other specific opportunities at this time.


The coordinating site for this multi-university center is located at South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, 501 E. St. Joseph Street, Rapid City, South Dakota  57701