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A National Science Foundation Industry/University Cooperative Research Center

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Serving the needs of bioenergy industry
in the United States and throughout the World. . .


CBERD is a multi-university Industry/University Cooperative Research Center (I/UCRC) for Bioenergy Research and Development (CBERD). The center is comprised of four universities, and is focused to make transformative discoveries to enable the lignocellulosic and fats and oil based bio-industries meet the challenges set forth by the US President, federal and state agencies and the American public. Research is highly consistent with federal agency roadmaps.


We invite you to page through our website and learn more about CBERD and it’s research activities.  For further information, please contact the Executive Director or any of the university Site Directors listed on our contact page, or simply click on the ‘Contact Us’ link at the top of the this page.


Graduate Student and Post Doctoral Opportunities – Interested in study in the bio-energy area? Click here for further information.

Fall 2012 CBERD Industrial Advisory Meeting – The Fall 2012 CBERD Industrial Advisory Board Meeting was held on November 14 and 15 at Salt Lake City International Airport.  Meeting Agenda, meeting minutes and other pertinent information summarizing the meeting are available upon request.

Spring 2013 CBERD Industrial Advisory Meeting – The Spring 2013 CBERD Industrial Advisory Board Meeting will be held on or near the campus of South Dakota School of Mines and Technology on August 21-22, 2013.  Meeting Agenda, lodging, and other pertinent information regarding the meeting will be available as the date for the meeting draws near.

If you have questions about these meetings please contact the CBERD Executive Director Dr. Duane Abata at [email protected].


Campus group vies for energy efficiency.

In order to combat some maintenance costs, Cal State Long Beach will participate in the Green Campus Program, a student-run project that promotes energy efficiency and creates awareness on environmental issues. “It’s definitely an ongoing project,” said Allie Bussjaeger, a senior psychology major and Green Campus team manager. “Some schools have had this program for over 10 years.”

Green Campus is a branch program of Alliance to Save Energy, founded in 1977. It promotes the adoption of energy efficiency policies that are meaningful, politically viable and implementable. The program currently works with 16 campuses in California, including University California Irvine, Cal State Fullerton and some community colleges. The Alliance recruits, selects and oversees about four interns per campus.  While the program is relatively new to the campus, the small group of Green Campus interns has started working with CSULB to improve energy efficiency. “We started with HOBO meters, which read when lights are on and off,” said Felix Navarrete, a CSULB student and treasurer for Green Campus. Read More.

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The coordinating site for this multi-university center is located at South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, 501 E. St. Joseph Street, Rapid City, South Dakota  57701

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